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VOLVO PENTA D3-160/SX - 3.0L/160HP
Part # D3-160SX
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  • Pictured is the DuoProp (SX is single)
  • Propshaft kW/hp: 114/155
  • Crankshaft kW/hp: 120/163
  • Rated rpm:4000
  • No of cyl: 5
  • Displacementlitres/cui: 2.4/146

    The D3-160 is extremely light and compact with high performance, perfect for pure boating excitement. Acceleration from standstill is fast and maximum torque is achieved already at 1,750 rpm.

    The maximum power output of a D3-160 with an engine weight of only 215 kg, provides performance with a high top speed. It is an exciting alternative for sport boats and in twin installations with Duoprop and also in smaller sport cruisers.

    The basic design
    The basic design is an in-line, 5-cylinder diesel engine with turbo and charge-air cooler. Five cylinders generate uniform and smooth propulsion without the need of balance shafts. Outstanding torque during acceleration, with exceptionally low exhaust and sound emissions matched with the engine"s low weight and low fuel consumption, creates a real performer for boating fun.

    4-valve technology with common rail system
    The fuel system is electronically controlled common rail high-pressure fuel injection, working at a pressure of 1,600 bars. Twin manifolds per cylinder, combined with 4-valve technology, ensure efficient fuel flow. The manifolds are also located one on each side, resulting in a rapid mix of fuel and air.

    Variable geometry turbo with aftercooler
    At low rpm, a small turbo that can start up quickly functions best, while at high rpm, the turbo should be larger to enable utilization of the large gas flow.

    The Variable Geometry Turbine (VGT) turbocharger on the D3 has flexible blades that can be angled, thereby changing the geometry or the size of the turbo as required. The blades are controlled electronically and the control unit can quickly and precisely adapt the turbo to give maximum power in any situation. In this way, the D3 can generate rapid acceleration straight from low rpm, combined with high maximum power.

    Low weight&
    The engine weight is only 215 kg. By using aluminium throughout, the weight can be kept low without jeopardizing durability. This also gives excellent onboard comfort with low noise and vibration levels.

    &and compact
    The D3-160 is efficiently packaged. The external components are placed so as to make the engine a more compact unit. Each part is designed according to the space available. For example, we have developed an entirely new type of heat exchanger, which is divided in order to occupy less space. As a result of the divided flywheel, with built-in power balance, there is no need to damping in the transmission, which saves 10 centimetres in length.

    Low emissions
    The common rail system in combination with an advanced combustion system sets new standards for minimizing exhaust emissions. The D3-160 complies not only with the EU 2006, but also with the significantly more stringent 2006/2007 US emission regulations.

    EVC -- Electronic Vessel Control
    EVC with mechanical shift and throttle is the new common platform for engine and driveline control, instrumentation, accessories and efficient servicing. It offers a higher level of integration with your boat: speed, tank level, depth and surface water temp as well as trip computer integrated with uniform instrumentation are some of the exciting new features offered by EVC.

    Minimal need for maintenance
    The D3-160 requires a minimum of maintenance thanks to features such as:
  • The camshaft and fresh water pump are driven from the crankshaft with a toothed belt with automatic tensioner.
  • The seawater pump, servo and alternator are all driven by a twin side Poly-vee belt with belt tensioner for easy adjustment.
  • Hydraulic lash adjusters for automatic valve clearance , no manual adjustment is needed.

    140 amp alternator
    Modern boats tend to carry more and more power consuming features such as navigators, autopilots, fridges, etc. The D3 feature a powerful 140 amp alternator with an integrated temperature compensated regulator. Together, they provide high charging capacity for single or multiple battery banks.

    Freshwater cooling standard
    The D3-160 is fitted with freshwater cooling as standard. This optimises engine working temperatures for greater efficiency and reduced maintenance. The cooling channels are constantly flushed with protective fluids rather than corrosive salt water.

    Ready prepared hot water outlet allows for simple connection to a calorifier as a part of a hot water system. Water heating is quick and efficient, thanks to the higher temperatures generated with a freshwater-cooled system, while the time and cost of calorifier installation are also reduced.
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