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Part # D4-260DPH
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Extremely compact in size, the D4-260 Aquamatic diesel engine features all the benefits of the larger D6. At 260 hp and with up to 615 Nm torque, it outperforms most gasoline V6 and 5-litre V8 engines and leaves comparable diesels way behind.

Its power is matched by exceptionally low noise, vibrations and exhaust emissions. The DP drive is fully matched to the powerful engine.

The basic design
The D4-260 is a 4-cylinder marine diesel engine with common rail high-pressure fuel injection, double overhead camshafts, 4 valves per cylinder, turbocharger and aftercooler. The displacement is 3.7 litres. It is extremely compact for its large swept volume and high output.

Common rail and 4-valve technology
The fuel system is electronically controlled common rail high-pressure fuel injection, working at a pressure of 1,600 bars. In combination with turbo, 4-valve technology and a large swept volume, it ensures superior fuel efficiency. The result is a combination of really high power and low fuel consumption with truly minimal emissions of exhaust fumes and sound that are impossible to achieve with traditional engine technology.

Turbo and mechanical compressor
D4-260 features a mechanical compressor in combination with the turbo. The reason for adding the compressor is to obtain a high charge pressure directly from low rpms, which is then transformed into torque, creating -- as a result of the Duoprops grip in the water -- a remarkably strong acceleration potential. At higher rpms, the compressor is replaced by the turbo to produce high power at cruise speed and top speed.

Extremely compact
The engine is extremely compact considering its large swept volume and high power output. With the rear end transmission driving the high-pressure injection pump and the camshaft, a high degree of integrated systems, a high-efficiency aftercooler, a marinization performed with few hoses, and a fully symm
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D4-260DPH D4-260DPH D4-260/DP - 4.0L /260HP DIESEL please call for availability

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